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Meet our speakers
8 different speakers with different background and experiences they want to share to us.


Mats Adamczak

​How to create the ultimate disc golf destination in the world

Mats Adamczak works as Data Scientist and is also the Chairman of Företagarna på Åland. He got the mission to save the tourism industry during the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic and he found a way to make the Åland Islands “the ultimate disc golf destination”.


During his TEDx talk he will share his data driven insights how this was possible to achieve results in a very short time.

Mia Hanström

Unga som en resurs

Mia Hanström has over 30 years of experience working with young people. She is also active in gender equality work and has written over 20 books about how to work with young people.


In her TEDx talk she will discuss how young people should be seen as resources and how to let them handle responsibility, sometimes even better than adults.

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Musse Westerlund

Jag sprang 1 500 km från Åland till Kebnekaise

Musse Westerlund is an air hostess that decided to run for charity from Åland’s highest point Orrdalsklint to Sweden’s highest point Kebnekaise.


The route was over 1 500 km long, crossed the E4 highway and took over a month to complete. With him he had 40 kg of packing.


In his TEDx talk he will tell us more about this crazy idea and how we can do more than we think we can.

Linus Aldeborg

Hur du producerar låtar till internationella artister från en ö

Linus Aldeborg, more known as PreGame, is a music producer, DJ, song writer and sound technician.


He has worked with artists like Fricky, Einár and Dutty Dior. One of the songs PreGame worked on has over 6 million streams on Spotify.


In his TEDx talk he will tell us about how to live in a small place like the Åland Islands and work with big artists around the world.

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Susanne Fagerström

The power of mastering your subconscious mind

Susanne Fagerström is a wealth and mindset expert with long experience in leadership. She has had positions like CEO, Chairman and has opened about 15 different retail stores in her career.


Her TEDx talk will be about how to take control over our subconscious mind and find the keys to live your life purpose.


“When you know how to have a better life, it will lead to a better world, where we can stand in our power and live our life purpose.”

Victor Jansson

How to combine a meaningful career with a flexible and fun lifestyle

Victor is an ambitious and driven entrepreneur who helps other people get more freedom into their lives.


Over the last years, he has popularized the concept of freelancing online and co-founded a coaching business that helps thousands of ambitious people to become self-employed online.


His TEDx talk focuses on the idea that life shouldn't revolve around work and how anyone can become self-employed.

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Helena Flöjt-Josefsson

How to integrate people by inclusion

Helena Flöjt-Josefsson works as a specialist with a focus on integration at Ålands landskapsregering. It’s important for her to always try to challenge things and see things in a new light.


In her TEDx talk she will discuss how to get people to feel they are included in society is a crucial part of integration work.

Oscar Sandberg

From finance to renewable technology

Oscar Sandberg quit his job in banking and finance to start working with sustainable energy technology. He is also involved in multiple tech companies with focus on sustainable energy and energy optimization.


In his TEDx talk he will take us on his journey and how we are adapting to the new normal in renewable technology.

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